Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This morning I sat for C & K for two hours. They slept for one hour and fifteen minutes of that time which is unheard of. Usually K is up within minutes of Mommy K leaving for work and C is up within the half hour. I can only attribute this sleeping to changes. C has gone back to school and is going to school multiple days a week now. School can be exhausting. As far as K, she has to adjust the new, earlier rising, more running around lifestyle of the family since C is back in school AND she is growing taller and leaner every time I see her which can be exhausting, too.

It has been three weeks since I last sat for the kids, but almost two months since I have written about them here. Updates!

C has:
grown taller
learned to play Spiro the Dragon on Playstation
started putting his shoes on by himself without prompting
become even more demonstrative with Kate (kisses, hugs, and giggles)
become better at asserting his feelings, needs, desires as a capable individual
demands privacy when goes to the bathroom and washes own hands
wants more alone time when playing
is better at managing his frustrations and irritations (less whining, temper)
begun riding a 2-wheel (with training wheels and helmet) bike
takes directions
groups toys by categories and sub-categories
and so many other subtly things that I miss because we see each other so often.

C will be five in November and it is hard to believe that I have been sitting for them for 12 and a half months. Getting so big!

K has:
grown taller
thinned out
begun speaking in sentences though they are not always understandable
says "look at that" and "what is this" fairly clearly
begun to understand opposites and is fond of off and on and up and down
feeds herself
grown longish hair
gained independence
an expanding sense of humor
giggles that pierce your heart
a penchant for shoes
identifies family members in photographs
Can match person in photo to flesh and blood person standing next to her
says family members' names
a crush on Elmo who's name she says clearly, loudly, and often
a Dora doll who is her best friend
a tricyle I push her around on. I say "whee" and she repeats followed by giggles
given up one of her two daily naps

Lots of changes around here. They bring me such joy and I am so thankful that their parents trust me with them and allow me into their lives.

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