Sunday, December 14, 2008

No More Nanny?

Economic times are tough and it seems, according to this Wall Street Journal article, that families are doing away with the nanny.

When I started with the family I sit for, I was working nearly every day. Then I went down to once every week or two. Now I am only with them once a month.

When I started with the family I sit for, Mommy K was only working two or three days a week. Now she is working full-time. In order to make more money and save more money, Mommy K and Daddy M have arranged their schedules so that one of them is home with the children except for my one day a month. I certainly don't fault them for that. They have a family to take care of and they are doing everything they can to provide for and best care for their family.

I am lucky though. I still get to see their family once a month AND I have a husband who works full-time as a salaried employee for a, thankfully, for the time being, stable and reliable company. My income is our "fun fund" and, while nice and fulfilling, not necessarily necessary.

What if we were depending on my salary? Too scary to contemplate...

I just checked available jobs in my area on Sittercity and found 477 possibilities. Maybe not so scary after all...

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