Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stork's Choice

On this the second day of Diaper Week on Notes on Nannying, the feature is Stork's Choice Disposable Diaper Service. To me, most disposable diapers are all the same. The reason I picked Stork's Choice is because they make diapers, training pants and wipes AND THEY DELIVER ANYWHERE!

Anatomy of a Diaper

Anatomy of Training Pants

My favorite thing about this company is that they have such a wide variety of sizes and once you place an order they automatically continue to deliver monthly.

I my experience, new parents would rather not leave the house for anything. New parents are generally exhausted and focused on their child. No one wants to leave the house to get diapers or worry about running out. Stork's Choice fills this need.

Just a reminder, I am not being compensated by Stork's Choice or any other diaper week company for recommending them.

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