Friday, October 31, 2008

Diaper Week Catch Up

Ok, I have not been posting an item a day. The best laid plans...
To make it up to you, I have three items today:
Bamboo Wipes by BumGenius
Flannel Wipes by BumGenius
Cloth Diaper Service Directory

All three are environmentally friendly, cozy, and convenient.

Bamboo Wipes by BumGenius

I am in love with these. Just looking at their pillowy softness causes me to seriously consider using them on my own body, but I digress...
Multi-Purpose - Bamboo wipes can be used not only to wipe sensitive baby bums, but also to wash baby faces and wipe runny noses.
Easy Care - They are machine washable and can go in the dryer.
Environmentally Friendly - Bamboo is a renewable resource, grows quickly and easily without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, and is biodegradable.
Antibacterial - Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and helps fight bacteria in baby's diapers.

Downside? These are slightly more expensive than other reusable wipes and certainly more expensive than disposable wipes. BUT you just have to buy them once, when baby grows up you can still use them as every day face cloths, and you are investing in the survival and health of the planet!

A more affordable, still environmentally conscious choice is:

Flannel Wipes by BumGenius

Flannel Wipes are much like Bamboo Wipes in that they are reusable and therefore environmentally friendly, easy care and multi-purpose. The difference? Not biodegradable, not naturally antibacterial, not made of a renewable resource. AND those differences are part of the reason why they are more affordable.

I like them because you can still feel good about purchasing something that is easier on the environment, but you can also feel good, especially in these economic times, about the monetary cost.

Finally, the
Cloth Diaper Service Directory.
I think that there are a few reasons why people shy away from using cloth diapers.
1) They aren't sure how to use them. The Cloth Diaper Service Directory takes the mystery out of it by answering questions and demonstrating cloth diaper use.
2) They don't want to wash poopy diapers or have their smell linger. Cloth diaper services in your area will wash the diapers for you. As far as smell, as long as you use the items provided and follow the directions provided by the diaper service, it should not be an issue. Also, most diaper services drop off and pick up weekly.
3) They don't know where to locate cloth diaper services in their area of the country. Click on your state to find services in your area here.
4) They can think of no good reason to use cloth over other options. Reasons why can be found here.

Why do I like cloth diaper services? Cloth Diapers are easier to use than they look, environmentally conscious (reusable), made of a natural fabric (cotton), and multi-use (double as burp cloth, nose wipe, face cloth). Cloth diaper services make them even easier to use, are quite affordable (often less than $20 a week), and can be found in almost every state.

So, now I've caught up. Hope these products were worth waiting for and give you something to consider.

Just a reminder, I have not been compensated by the makers of the products or providers of the services highlighted during Diaper Duty Week on Notes on Nannying.

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